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IMC i02A PCR Primer Registration, Copied from Sequence Lane

Registration operation

  1. Load the template base sequence into the main current directory.
  2. The loaded sequence is displayed on the main feature map.
  3. IMC732 H301 0035
  4. If the array lane is not displayed in the main feature map, add the array lane to the main feature map.
  5. Drag the base sequence on the Plus Strand upstream of the region you want to amplify with the mouse.
  6. The dragged base sequence is highlighted in red.
  7. IMC732 H301 0036
  8. Right click the mouse on the nucleotide sequence.
  9. A pop-up menu will be displayed.
  10. IMC732 H301 0021
  11. Click "Save as a Primer" from the menu.
  12. The “Primer Registration” dialog is displayed.
  13. IMC732 H301 0023
  14. Enter a unique name in "Primer ID" (primer + base position number is set by default).
  15. In "Primer Sequence", the copied base sequence is automatically pasted in uppercase letters.
  16. You can write freely in the "Comment" field.
  17. Click "Save".
  18. The Forward primer is registered.
  19. Register the Reverse Primer in the same way.
  20. In the case of Reverse primer, drag Minus Strand II downstream of the PCR amplification region in the sequence lane with a mouse.
  21.  IMC732 H301 0022

Checking registered primers

  1. Click Cloning-> Primer Design-> PCR Primer Registration from the menu.
  2. The Priming Site Search Window will be displayed.
  3. Here, the registered primers are displayed along with their sequence, Tm, and GC content.
  4. Recently registered primers are at the bottom of the list.
  5. IMC732 H301 0034