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IMC Ver. 7.30 is released

  1. In "Batch PCR Primer Design", a bug in which the function (Iterate Design) to repeatedly design the area that can not be designed with different conditions becomes an error has been fixed.
  2. Due to format change of multi GenBank file,  functions of "Multiple GenBank File Expander" is improved.
    • A function to skip the same error was added when confirming with error message.
    • A function to join individual header + feature files and base sequence of FASTA and expand it into a single GenBank format file has been added.
    • Link to function description
  3. The "Save the Layout Style as ..." button label in the "Feature Layout Style Setting" dialog has been changed to "Export Style (s) ...".
    • In addition, newly add "Save Layout File as ..." and save the whole layout file with the specified directory and file name.
    • This function is the opposite function of "Load Layout File ...".
    • In this list, the default style has been marked.
    • A new item is added to the list, and "Default Style" is displayed there.


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