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IMC B2H5 Show Stop Codon on Sequence Lane


  1. From the operation menu, choose Settings -> Feature Setting.
  2. The Feature Setting dialog will be displayed.
  3. Click the "Sequence Lane" tab.
  4. The Sequence Lane tab pane appears.
  5. Check the Codon Setting -> Show Stop Codons check box.
  6. Click "Apply".
  7. The stop codon candidate is displayed in the frame display area of ​​the sequence lane.
  8. Change the display color of the stop codon.
  9. Click the Codon Setting -> Show Stop Codons color box.
  10. The color palette is displayed.
  11. Select the color you want to change from the palette.
  13. Click "OK".
  14. The color of the color box changes to the selected color.
  15. Click "Apply".
  16. The display color of the stop codon changes.

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