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IMC B2DA07 Register Feature Lane Selection Area as New Feature

Register the feature lane selection of the main feature map as a new feature.

You can select the feature key to register.


  1. Right-click on the selection area of the feature lane.
  2. The menu will be displayed.
  3. Click "Save as a (new) Feature ...".
  4. The "Feature Registration" dialog with the selected area as Position is displayed.
  5. Select the feature key to specify from the pull-down menu in the "Feature Key" column.
  6. Here, as an example, select "misc_feature".
  7. Click "Apply".
  8. A new misc_feature is registered in the forward strand.

Operation 2

  1. To register a feature on the reverse complementary chain, proceed as follows.
  2. 「Feature Registration」ダイアログの「Complement」チェックボックスにチェックします。
  3. Click "Apply".
  4. The feature is registered on the reverse complementary strand.

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