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IMC C18A View Qualifiers of a Feature

There are two ways to easily see the Qualifier value of the feature displayed in the main feature map or linear genome map.

 Click the "Info" tab menu next to the Main and Reference directory tree to display it in the foreground.

In this state, clicking the feature on the main feature map or the reference linear map will display the information of that qualifier in the Info tab pane.

Another way is to move the mouse over the main feature map or the feature displayed on the linear genome map.

However, the main window must be active at this time.

You can select the Qualifier to display.

Choose Settings -> Feature Setting from the menu and click the Qualifier Order tab.

The Qualifier tab pane appears.

The following items can be set here.

Feature Position

Qualifier Value display order

User specified order

Alphabetical order

To make it in the order specified by the user, check the "User Specified Order" radio button.

You can enter it in the Order value field. You change the display order here directly with numbers. When you are finished entering, click Apply. The results are displayed in ascending order.

As much as possible, it is easier to change the Qualifier to be displayed before changing it. If you use the "Select All" button and "Reverse Selected" you can set it a little easier.

To display in alphabetical order, check the "Alphabetical Oder" radio button and click Apply.

To make the order written in the original loaded array file, turn on the "No Change" radio button and click Apply.

In the state set to No Change, the Qualifier re-displayed when it is displayed again after it is hidden will be displayed last.

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