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IMC F11A Editing Qualifiers using Description Window (Manual Annotation)

Edit the Qualifier of the current genome sequence using the Description Window (Manual annotation).

  1. Display the feature map by arraying the genome sequence whose Qualifier you want to edit
  2. Right-click on the feature you want to edit.
  3. A pop-up menu will be displayed.
  4. Select Description Window.
  5. The Description Window will start.
  6. In the Description Window, the Qualifier recorded in that Feature and its value are displayed.
  7. In addition, the base sequence of the range of the feature and the amino acid sequence are displayed if it is a CDS feature and translation is registered.
  8. Feature key to which the Feature belongs, Position on the genome and its Strand are also displayed.
  9. There are two types of qualifiers, one with values and one without values.
  10. For Qualifier with Value, enter the character string you want to directly enter or change in the Value field.
  11. After entering Value, you must always click on another field once.
  12. When you click Apply, editing is confirmed.
  13. If you close the Description Window without clicking Apply, that edit will not be reflected.
  14. For Qualifiers without Value, check the check box to the left of each Qualifier.
  15. Click Apply again to confirm the change.
  16. Click Select All to check everything.
  17. If you click Reverse Selected, the current checked item is removed and the unqualified Qualifier is checked.

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