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IMC F01 GenBank/EMBL Viewer, Functions and Operations

The GenBank / EMBL viewer is the window that displays the contents of the current main sequence file.

  • It works in conjunction with the main feature map, and when you click a feature on the map, it shows where the feature is described.
  • Conversely, if you click on any feature description on the GenBank / EMBL viewer, the main feature map will move and display it so that the feature is at the center of the map.
  • If you click on an arbitrary sequence row, the feature map will move in the same way and display its position.


  1. Load GenBank or EMBL format genome base sequence into the current main directory.
  2. The feature map for that genome sequence is displayed in the main feature map.
  3. Click View -> GenBank / EMBL Viewer ... from the menu.
  4. GenBank / EMBL Viewer will be displayed.
  5. In the Viewer, the contents of the loaded file are displayed as it is.
  6. scroll
  7. You can scroll vertically by dragging or clicking the scroll bar.
  8. Move to Feature Position
  9. Click any feature in GenBank / EMBL Viewer.
  10. The description part of that feature is inverted.
  11. At the same time, the main feature map moves, the feature corresponding to that feature description is displayed centrally and highlighted.
  12. Conversely, if you click on any feature on the main feature map, GenBank / EMBL Viewer automatically scrolls and its feature description is flipped and displayed.
  13. Move to sequence position
  14. There is an sequence area in the second half of the GenBank / EMBL format file.
  15. Clicking on any sequence row will highlight that line and the main feature map will also automatically scroll to show the position of that sequence.
  16. Clicking any position other than the feature in the main feature map does not move GenBank / EMBL Viewer.
  17. Closing Viewer
  18. Click "Close" at the bottom of GenBank / EMBL Viewer to close Viewer.
  19. You can also close the viewer by changing the current file in the main current directory to another array.


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