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IMC W712 Cloning Tab Pane Description

In the Cloning tab pane, parameters related to PCR Primer and ligation can be changed.

In the PCR reaction, it can be set whether or not it corresponds to adenine one-base protrusion at the terminal of the PCR product.

In addition, it is possible to designate the PCR product maximum length so that it can not perform PCR with a product base length longer than the maximum value.

In addition, it is possible to set PrimerID to be added automatically to the file name of PCR product.

In ligation, you can decide whether to judge satisfying complementary relation with end shape.

PCR Setting section:

Add A - Base to both 3 'lead checkbox: When checked, A base (Adenine) is protruded to both 3' ends of the PCR product when PCR is executed.

Max Product Length text field: Enter a positive integer. A PCR product with a base length exceeding this number is not generated.

Attach Primer ID to the File Name of the Product check box: When checked, Primer Id is added to the file name of the file generated as a PCR product.

Ligation Setting:

End Check checkbox: If checked, check the shape of the end of the base sequence to be ligated during ligation and do not produce a ligation product if it does not have perfectly complementary shape and sequence. When unchecked, ligation is possible regardless of the shape of the terminal.

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