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IMC O04C Save and Reload Result of Venn Diagram

The results of the Venn Diagram can be saved as a file and reloaded at a later time.


  1. From the results dialog of the Venn Diagram, click Save.
  2. The file selection dialog is displayed.
  3. Save the file with an arbitrary file name in an arbitrary directory.


  1. Load the Genome Sequence File of the Venn Diagram you ran previously on the main feature map.
  2. Load the other two genomes in the current reference map.
  3. (If not loaded, those files are loaded automatically)
  4. Select Genome Analysis -> Compare -> Venn Diagram ... from the menu.
  5. The Venn Diagram Setting dialog is displayed.
  6. Click "Read ...".
  7. The file selection dialog is displayed.
  8. Specify the result file of the previously saved Venn Diagram.
  9. A confirmation message "Read Venn Diagram Data?" Is displayed.
  10. Click "Yes (Y)".
  11. The previous result file is loaded and the Venn Diagram result dialog is displayed.
  12. In this dialog you can perform the same operation as at execution time.

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