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IMC O04B Venn Diagram Analysis Execution and Operation


In order to draw Venn Diagram in the main feature map we need to load one of the three genomes as the current sequence.

In addition, load two or more closely related genomic base sequence files into MGV (reference genome map).

Execution procedure

  1. Select Genome Analysis -> Compare -> Venn Diagram ... from the menu.
  2. The Venn Diagram Setting dialog is displayed.
  3. Multiple Genome Viewer (MGV) The GenBank file loaded in Map is displayed.
  5. Check up to 2 target genomes of VENN Diagram from the list.
  6. The first genome will be the current genome of the main feature map.
  7. Click the Run button.
  8. Venn Diagram Execution confirmation message is displayed.
  9. Click Show Parameter ..., the execution confirmation dialog will expand and detailed parameters will be displayed.
  10. Depending on the size of the genome, it may take several minutes to several tens of minutes until the process is completed.
  11. A progress message is displayed during execution.
  12. When processing is completed, the result screen will be displayed.

Tab switching operation

  1. Venn Diagram The result display dialog is switched between each pane with the tab at the top.
  2. There are 5 tabs in all.
  3. The three tabs from the left are the common genes list between 2 genomes.
  4. The fourth tab from the left is a common genome list between 3 genomes.
  5. The last tab is the Venn Diagram drawing tab.
  6. By clicking the upper tab of the result display dialog, you can switch display contents.
3 Genome common gene list display

2 Genomic common homologous gene list display Tab 1

2 Genomic common homologous gene list display Tab 2

2 Genomic common homologous gene list display Tab 3

Venn Diagram drawing tab pane


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