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IMC E04K Composition of Homology Search Results

If the subject whose score is lower than the top hit has another area that does not overlap with the alignment area of the top hit for Query, that area is added to generate one composite hit, and that one hit entry Add to the top as.

In the case of composte results, the display color is different from a single alignment to distinguish it from other hits.

IMC732 G413 0011 


Configure settings before running Homology Search. It will be reflected in the subsequent Homology Search results.



  1. Make the following settings before running Homology Search.
  2. Menu-> Settings-> Feature Setting-> Homology Search Tab Check "Composition of Result" in PanelResult Setting.
  3. In Distance between Hit Subjects, enter the maximum distance between hit subjects participating in the composite alignment, in bases.
  4. Click Apply

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