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IMC L03A Annotation of Current Genome Sequence by Batch Homology Search

(Batch) homology search to the genome sequence in which ORF extraction and amino acid-translated CDS features are registered and automatically register entry information of the hit database as the Qualifier of the CDS feature.

This function is implemented in the following editions.

IMCGE, IMCAE, IMCDS, GenomeTraveler


Load the genome sequence containing the amino acid translated CDS feature into the main current directory.

Load GenBank or EMBL format files already annotated relative genome sequences into the current reference map.

Multiple genomic sequences can be loaded.

Please refer here if there is no closely related genome already annotated.

Turn on "Auto Copy" function. For the operation method, please click here.

From the menu click Genome Analysis -> Homology Search -> Homology Search for Selected Feature Key.

The "Batch Homology Setting" dialog will be displayed.

Check "Log File Save Directory" and specify a writable directory.

For each sequence loaded in the current reference directory, databases for Blast search of base sequence and amino acid sequence are automatically generated in the Database list.

Check the amino acid sequence database (AA - REF) of each closely related genome.

Click "Run".

A confirmation message "Start Homology Search?" Is displayed.

Click "Yes".

Execution of homology search is started, and progress message is displayed during execution.

When the execution is completed, the "Homology Search" result display dialog is displayed.

When "Auto Copy" is set, the entry information of the top hit are automatically posted to each CDS feature and added as a comment.

As moving the mouse over one CDS, the Tooltip is displayed and the annotated content is displayed.