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IMC i06C Gel Electrophoresis of RE DIgestion Fragments of Multiple DNA Samples

Several DNA samples are digested and cleaved with restriction enzymes and these fragments are gel electrophoresed in different lanes for each sample.


  1. Prepare multiple DNA samples and load them into the main current directory.
  2. Select some of them.
  3. From the menu, choose Cloning -> Restriction Enzyme -> RE Registration & Editing.
    • It can also be executed from the toolbox.
    • The Enzyme Selection Dialog is displayed.
  4. Select the restriction enzyme to use.
    • Multiple selections are also possible.
  5. Click Show Recognition Site ..
    • A list of selected DNA samples is displayed on the upper panel and the total of each restriction enzyme recognition site is displayed.
    • The lower left panel displays the list of selected restriction enzymes and displays the number of recognition sites for one currently selected sample from the upper panel.
  6. Select multiple DNA samples on the top panel.
  7. Click GelElectrophoresis (all).
    • A band of restriction enzyme fragments electrophoresed in lanes corresponding to the number of DNA samples is displayed

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