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IMC i01i Find Restriction Enzymes that Cleaves DNA by Specified Times

Search restriction enzymes that cut the current DNA sequence by the number of times specified.


  1. Load a DNA sequence file.
  2. For example, load "Bsub_50 kb.gbk".
  3. The feature map is displayed.
  4. Select "Cloning -> Restriction Enzyme -> RE Registration & Editing" from the menu.
  5. The "Enzyme Selection" dialog is displayed.
  6. Check the "Show Any Enzyme ..." radio button in the "Result Filtering" section.
  7. For example, enter "2" in the "what have from" text field and "3" in the "To" text field. 
  8. Click the "Select All" button.
  9. All restriction enzymes on the list will be checked.
  10. Click the "Show Recognition Site" button.
  11. The "Recognition Site" dialog is displayed.
  12. In the left pane, the restriction enzymes of count 2 and 3 are displayed.
  13. When one is checked, the cleavage site of the restriction enzyme is displayed.

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