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IMC i01B Find Restriction Enzyme Recognition Sites in Genome Sequence

Search the recognition sites of the specified restriction enzyme (multiple or all can be specified) from the genomic sequence displayed in the main feature map.

Operation flow

  1. Load genome sequence
  2. Selection of genome sequence
  3. Selection of restriction enzyme
  4. Detection of recognition site
  5. Feature map display of recognition site


Implementation Edition



  1. We will explain using the sample genome sequence here.
  2. Taking the sample genome sequence (Bsub 50 Kbp gbk) as an examble,  Click to make it the current genome sequence.
  3. The sample genome sequence is displayed in the feature map.
  4. From the menu, select "Cloning -> Restriction Enzyme -> RE Registration & Editing".
  5. The "Enzyme Selection" dialog is displayed.
  6. Check the restriction enzyme to be used (multiple selection or all selection possible). In this case, click "Select All" and check all restriction enzymes.
  7. Click "Show Recognition Site ...".
  8. The "Recognition Site" dialog is displayed, and the number of restriction sites by restriction enzyme number is listed in the left panel.
  9. Restriction enzymes with one or more restriction enzyme recognition sites are displayed on the list, and restriction enzymes that have no restriction site are not displayed.
  10. Check the checkbox to the left of the restriction enzyme (multiple and all designation possible).
  11. A list of recognition sites for the selected enzymes is displayed in the right pane.
  12. Click one recognition row in the list on the right panel. The main feature map will automatically scroll and the restriction part will be displayed.

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