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IMC 013 Finding Restriction Enzyme Recognition Sites and Digest Genome

Find restriction enzyme recognition sites on genomic sequence

  1. Load genomic base sequence file
  2. If you have installed sample data, read "Bsub_50kb.gbk" in the RE_Fragments directory
  3. The feature map of Bsub_50kb.gbk is displayed
  4. Search restriction enzyme recognition sites on this base sequence.
  5. Click the "RE Recognition" button. Alternatively, choose Cloning -> Restriction Enzyme from the menu.
  6. The "Enzyme Selection" Dialog is displayed.
  7. Click the "Select All" button.
  8. A check is added to all restriction enzymes.
  10. Click the "Show Recognition Site" button.
  11. The "Recognition Site" window will be displayed. The restriction enzyme name and the number of recognition sites are listed on the left side.
  12. Check some restriction enzymes.
  14. On the right side all recognition sites of those restriction enzymes are listed.
  15. Click one line.
  16. The array lane of the main feature map automatically scrolls to show its restriction enzyme recognition sequence.
  17. The restriction enzyme recognition sequence is displayed in color and the cleavage site is also displayed.
  19. Click Digestion.
  20. An execution confirmation message is displayed.
  21. Click "Yes (Y)".
  22. The Digestion List dialog is displayed.
  23. Check it.
  24. Click Load.
  25. The fragment is loaded into the main current directory and a completion confirmation message is displayed.
  26. Click OK.
  27. The fragment array is loaded at the end of the main current directory.

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