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IMC W411 Restriction Enzyme Registration & Execution Dialog

This is a dialog with functions such as searching, registering, narrowing down, restricting enzymes, creating subsets, searching recognition sites.

My Set pull-down menu: Select a registered restriction enzyme subset from the pull-down menu.

Type selection section:

Narrow down the list of restriction enzymes. Only the checked Type is displayed in the list. If multiple checks are made, the OR condition is selected in the case of selecting between the check boxes in the same row, and the AND condition is used in the case of a different line spacing check box.

Recognition site base length: Select based on the base length of the restriction enzyme recognition site. When multiple checks are made, it is selected under OR condition.

  • 4 bp check box: 4 base recognition restriction enzyme
  • 6 bp checkbox: 6 base recognition restriction enzyme
  • 8 bp checkbox: 8 base recognition restriction enzyme
  • other check box: restriction enzyme other than 4, 6, 8 base recognition

Palindromic: Select with or without palindromic structure

Palindromic check box: restriction enzyme with recognition site of palindromic structure

Not Palindromic check box: restriction enzyme with recognition site that is not palindromic structure

Terminal shape: Select the shape shown by the end after restriction.

Blunt End check box: restriction enzyme that generates blunt ends

Sticky End 5'-check box: restriction enzyme which produces cohesive end with protruding 5 'end

Sticky End 3'-check box: restriction enzyme that generates cohesive ends with protruding 3 'ends

Effect of methylation site: Restriction enzymes with recognition sites influenced by DAM and DCM methylation enzymes are displayed.

Dam check box: restriction enzyme having a site of influence by DAM methylase

Dcm check box: restriction enzyme having a site of influence by DCM methylase

Filtering section:

After searching the recognition site, narrow down by the number of parts to recognize the target DNA.

Show All radio button: Displays all recognized part search results.

Show Any Enzyme which has ...: Displays only results with the number of recognition sites in the specified range.

from text field: Enter a zero or positive integer value. More than this number of recognition sites will be displayed.

to Text field: Enter a zero or positive integer value.

Dam check box: When checked, the recognition site affected by DAM methylase will be displayed.

Dam color box: Displays recognition sites affected by DAM methylase in specified colors.

Dcm check box: When checked, the recognition site affected by DCM methylase will be displayed

Dcm color box: Displays the recognition site affected by DCM methylase in the specified color.

Enzyme List section: Restriction enzymes and their recognition sequences, cutting sites, etc. are displayed as search targets.

Check box: If checked, it will be searched.

Enzyme name: restriction enzyme name

Recognition Site: recognition sequence and cutting site

Editable: "False" indicates that editing is prohibited. "True" is editable, you can check it and edit it with the Edit button.

Selection button section:

button to check collectively in the checkbox of restriction enzyme list

Select All button: Click to check the check boxes of all restriction enzymes in the list.

Reverse Selected button: Click to uncheck the currently checked restriction enzymes and check for unrefined restriction enzymes.

Range specification section

Specify the range to be searched on the current genome sequence, by default the entire array is specified.

From text field: Enter a positive integer. Selection starting base position

To: Text field: End selection base position. Enter a positive integer greater than From.

Change button: If you change the above values, click this button to apply the changes.

Command section:

A button group that executes the command for the selected restriction enzyme.

Show Recognition Site ... button: Search the recognition site of the selected restriction enzyme.

Map ... button: Displays the selected restriction enzyme map in a separate window.

Add ... button: Add a new restriction enzyme that is not on the list.

Edit ... button: Edit the selected restriction enzyme (multiple selection not possible). Only editable restriction enzymes.

Delete button: Deletes the selected restriction enzyme (s).

Restore button: Restores restriction enzyme list to initial value.

Add to My Set button: Registers the selected restriction enzyme in My Set (multiple designation possible).

Delete My Set button: Delete selected restriction enzyme from My Set (multiple designation possible).

Close button: Closes the Enzyme Selection dialog box.

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