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IMC B1A2 Apply Feature Layout Style to Current Feature Map

  • Several feature layout styles are registered with the IMC being initially installed.
  • Pre-registered feature layout style (FLS) can be applied to the currently loaded current genome sequence.
  • Example applying "Prokayote_Modern" style to FLS

  • Example applying "Eukaryote_Classic" to FLS


  1. Load annotated genome sequence into the current feature map.
  2. If FLS is not specified for the loaded array, the default FLS is automatically applied.
  3. From the "Layout" pull-down menu in the upper indicator area of the main window, select "Prokayote_Classic", for example.
  4. A "Change Feature Layout Style?" Confirmation message will be displayed.
  5. Click "Yes (Y)".
  6. The feature feature layout style "Prokaryote_Classic" is applied to the main feature map.

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