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IMC B1B2 Import Feature Layout Styles

  • Import a feature layout style file exported by another user or PC and add it to the current feature layout style list.


  1. Select "Settings" -> "Feature Layout Style Setting ..." from the menu.
  2. This can also be launched from Toolbox.
  3. The "Feature Layout Style Setting" dialog will be displayed.
  4. Click "Import Style ...".
  5. The file selection dialog is displayed.
  6. Specify the exported FLS file.
  7. The "Import Layout Style" dialog is displayed.
  8. Click "Import".
  9. The "Import Feature Layout Style?" Confirmation message will be displayed.
  10. Click "Yes (Y)".
  11. The feature layout style is imported and added to the bottom of the style list.
  12. Check the imported style and click "Edit".
  14. The "Layout Style" design dialog of that style will be displayed.
  15. Only lanes that have been checked are imported.


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