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IMC B1A5 Register Modified Feature Layout Style as a New FLS

  • You can edit the design of the feature layout style using the feature layout style setting dialog and the lane style design dialog.
  • By saving and registering this changed design with a name, it becomes possible to apply this style to another genome sequence.


  1. Use the "Lane Style" design dialog to change the feature layout style.
  2. When you change the currently applied feature layout style, the "+" character is added to the style name in the "Layout:" pull-down menu in the main window.
  3. When it fixes it many times, it increases like as
  4. "++++" and the number increases.
  5. Open the "Layout Style" design dialog from the menu or toolbox.
  6. Click "Save the Style ...". 
  7. The "Feature Layout Style Naming" setting dialog is displayed.
  8. Enter the name of the new layout style in the input field.
  9. Click "Apply".
  10. The feature layout style name on the dialog and the Layout column of the upper indicator area of the main window are changed to the newly registered name.
  11. After that, you can call the registered FLS with this name and apply it to arbitrary genome sequence.

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