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IMC B2 Feature Map

B2A Scroll,Zoom,Jump

  • B2A1 Scroll Operation
  • B2A2 Scrolling increment settings
  • B2A3 Zoom Operation
  • B2A4 Zoom Scale Setting
  • B2A5 Line Cursor Operation
  • B2A6 Jump to Other Map Position

B2B Custmize

  • B2B1 Zoom Scale Change Ratio and Shift Base Ratio
  • B2B2 Feature Label
  • B2B3 Feature Figure
  • B2B4 Feature Drawing Color
  • B2B5 Feature Background Pattern
  • B2B6 Feature Arrangement
  • B2B7 Join Drawing Type

B2C FLS: Feature Layout Style

  • B2C0 FLS: Feature Layout style
  • B2C0 Brief Description of FLS
  • B2C1 Adoptation of FLS
  • B2C2 Default FLS
  • B2C3 Editing of FLS
  • B2C4 Registration and Deletion of FLS
  • B2C5 FLS Adoptation Priority
  • B2C6 Pre-set FLS
  • B2C7 Loading FLS

B2D Print Map

  • B2D1 Map Drawing Parameters
  • B2D2 Sheet and Page Settings
  • B2D3 Save Map as Image File

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