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IMC B1A1 Design Feature Layout Style (FLS)

You can design feature layout style (FLS) with the following procedure.

Load the genomic sequence of interest into the current feature map.

Default FLS or FLS set in the array is automatically applied to the loaded genome sequence.

Edit the FLS set in this initial state and design a new feature layout style.

Select Settings -> Layout Style ... from the menu.

The "Layout Style" design dialog is displayed.

The state of the lane displayed in this dialog is the currently applied feature layout style.

The style has a name, it is selected in the Feature Layout Style pulldown menu at the top.

If you select a different style from this menu, the layout design of that style will be displayed.

Just displaying it in this dialog will not apply to the Karen feature map.

Click "Apply" to apply that style.

  • The "Add" button is used to add a lane.
  • The "Edit" button is used to edit the design of the lane (multiple selections not possible).
  • The "Delete" button deletes the checked lane (multiple selection is possible).
  • The "Up" and "Down" buttons move the checked lanes up and down (multiple designations are not possible).
  • The "Apply" button applies the current design content to the current feature map.
  • "Save the Style ..." adds a name to this design content and registers a new style.
  • Once you register, you can easily apply this style to another array.
  • For details of these operations, refer to "Common Lane Operations".

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