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IMC L01A Databases for Annotation

From NCBI, EMBL and others, you can download the GenBank format, EMBL format file that describes the nucleotide sequence of each genome, the amino acid sequence related to the coding region identified on the genome, and annotations on them.

Files in GBFF format and GBFF format, which convert these genome sequences into more searchable formats, are also provided.

In addition, files of GBFF and GBFF format can be obtained for each SuperKingdom.

Today, the number of genomes that can be downloaded is enormous, and it is not very efficient to use genome-specific files except when annotating closely related species.

Since the number of files summarized by SuperKingdom is fewer than the number of files handled by genome, if you decide which SuperKingdom to search, you only need to create a database of that SuperKingdom file.