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IMC W714 Homology Search Tab Pane Description

In this tab pane, you can set the parameters of Homology Search (Blast Search).

Query Length Setting section

Feature Length Range Qualifier to be Homology Searched Text Field: In these two text fields, specify the number of bases or the number of residues that is valid as the query sequence of the homology search. The input field with the minimum number of bases or the number of residues on the left side and the input field with the maximum number of bases or residues on the right side. If you do not enter any maximum number of bases, do not set the maximum value. The minimum number of bases can not be set to less than 13.

Result Setting section

Maximum Number of Hits text field: Enter a positive integer. Even when the number of subjects satisfying the search condition is sufficient, more results than the number of hits set here are not displayed.

Composition of Result checkbox: If checked, it will be processed to combine if the hit is divided into multiple segments.

Distance of on Subject <= input field: Enter a positive integer. When segments are synthesized, if the distance between segments is more than the number of bases specified here, it will not be combined.

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