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IMC B2C7 Change Y-Offset of Lane

When labels etc. protrude to the top of the lane, not only the height of the lane but also the lane offset can be increased to fit within the lane.

The lanes that can change the offset are as follows.


  1. (For example, feature lane)
  2. Label of the feature lane protrudes above as follows.
  3. Right click on mouse on feature lane.
  4. A pop-up menu will be displayed.
  5. Click "Setup Feature Lane ...".
  6. The "Lane Style" design dialog is displayed.
  7. Enter a number (unit pixels) directly in the "Y Offset" input field.
  8. If the lower part of the lane can not afford, increase the height of the lane by the same amount at the same time.
  9. Click "Set".
  10. The height and offset of the lane will increase and you will be able to display it without the label sticking out.

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