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IMC B2E Content Profile Lane: Functions and Operations

Content profile lane is a lane for displaying numerical values such as base composition, sliding window method and their profile.

The registered profiles that can be displayed in the content profile lane are as follows.

  • GC Content
  • AT Content
  • A Content
  • C Content
  • G Content
  • T Content
  • GC Skew
  • AT Skew
  • Cumulative GC Skew
  • Cumulative AT Skew
  • Fickett
  • Import Map Data



  1. Display the GC Skew profile lane in the main feature map.
  2. Select Settings -> Layout Style ... from the menu.
  3. The "Layout Style" operation dialog is displayed.
  5. Click "Add ...".
  6. The "Lane Style" setting dialog is displayed.
  7. By default, the feature lane is selected.
  8. Select "Content / Profile" from the "Lane Type" pull-down menu.
  9. It changes for "Content / Profile" lane setting.
  10. Select "GC Skew" from the Type pull-down menu.
  11. "Turn on the Proportional radio button from Sliding Window Parameters.
  12. We do not change the value of the input field with the default value.
  13. Click the "Set" button.
  14. The GC Skew lane is added to the bottom of the lane list in the "Layout Style" design dialog.
  15. Click "Apply".
  16. "Apply?" Confirmation message will be displayed.
  17. Click "Yes (Y)".
  18. GC Skew appears at the bottom of the main feature map.

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