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IMC i01F Fragment DNAs by Restriction Enzyme and Gel Electrophoresis

Several DNA sequences are digested and fragmented with restriction enzymes, and gel electrophoresis is performed on each separate lane.


  1. Load multiple DNA sequences to be fragmented into the main current directory.
  2. Select those DNA sequence nodes on the main current directory.
  3. Click "Cloning -> Restriction Enzyme -> RE Registration & Editing" from the menu.
  4. The Enzyme List dialog is displayed.
  5. Check the restriction enzyme to use.
  6. Click "Show Recognition Site ...".
  7. The "Recognition Site" dialog is displayed.
  8. The count of the recognition site is displayed for each DNA sequence.
  9. If you select one DNA sequence in the upper row, you can display its details.
  10. Click "Gel Electrophoresis (all) ...".
  11. The Gel Electrophoresis dialog is displayed.
  12. Click "Next Page" at the bottom to display the next page.
  13. To change the number of lanes displayed on one page, select the number of lanes to display on one page from the upper "Lane per Page" pull-down menu.
  14. All lanes are displayed on one page.

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